HAZELWOOD, Mo. (KSDK) - Three weeks after a tornado wiped out homes in Hazelwood, there are signs of rebuilding and volunteers continue to help.

The EF-2 tornado hit the night of April 10. One of the most hard hit areas was along Lynn Haven Lane.

Hazelwood firefighters worked lots of long hours and went door-to-door checking on people. Some firefighters even responded from their homes.

Chief Dave Radel said they initially received eight calls about possibly being trapped. They all turned out to be unfounded.

Firefighters used a thermal imaging camera to go house to house and make sure people werenot trapped.

The camera produces a sort of photo negative image of everything within view of its lense. The cameras costs about $15,000.

The camerawas also one of the tools used to catch the Boston Marathon bombing suspect.

Firefighters also conduct vehicle rescue drills during their 48-hour shifts to be prepared for car rescues when things like a tornado strike.

They practice cutting open the hood of the car, which is one of the first things they dobecause the hood release mechanism usually burns out when there's a car fire.

The Hazelwood School District was one of many groups who pitched in to help victims.

Teachers, students adn volunteers collected and distributed items the days after the storm. The items included toiletries, cell phone charges and diapers.

Mayor Matthew Robinson said tornado victims are getting back on their feet. Contractors and insurance companies are helping to get homes repaired.