COLLINSVILLE, Okla. (KSDK) - A Collinsville, Okla. animal shelter recently received a large donation meant for an animal shelter in Collinsville, Ill.

In March, Friends of Collinsville Animal Shelter in Collinsville, Okla., also known as the Ward-Wiseman Animal Haven,was contacted by attorneys handling the estate of a woman named Mary K. Thomas, who had died in Cottonwood, Ariz. Thomas had left 27.5 percent of her estate to Friends of Collinsville Animal Shelter.

Susan Babbitt, owner of the no-kill animal shelter in Oklahoma, did not know Thomas, but thought the woman had somehow learned about the financial troubles plaguing her organization.

Babbitt was asked to submit a notarized and certified letter with the shelter's tax identification number showing it as a non-profit. A few days later she received the check for $188,981.03, which she deposited into the shelter's bank account.

In mid-April Babbitt received a phone call from the attorneys, who said the donation was actually meant for Friends of Collinsville Animal Shelter in Collinsville, Ill.,nowcalled Warren Billhartz Collinsville Animal Shelter.The error was realized after the Illinois shelter called asking about the donation check.

The attorneys initially contacted the correct shelter, but somewhere along the line made contact with the Oklahoma shelter.

Babbitt has been asked to return the $188,981.03.