LADUE, Mo. (KSDK) - Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon says he won't sign a bill allowing guns in schools.

Both the state House and Senate passed the proposal, which would allow some teachers and administrators to carry firearms. Armed school employees would have to have a conceal and carry permit and special training.

The bill also includes a provision preventing any federal gun laws from taking effect in Missouri.

On Thursday NewsChannel 5 tracked down Gov. Nixon at an event in Ladue to ask about the proposal. He told us he will not give final approval to the bill, but wouldn't comment further.

Later Thursday evening, the governor's office sent us a statement, which appears to contradict his position. It reads as follows:
"As I do with all legislation that comes to my desk, I will give this bill a thorough and thoughtful review before making a final determination on what action to take. That review has not been completed and therefore no determination has been made."