FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo. (KSDK) - Sexual assaults in the military are skyrocketing.

The Pentagon reported this week that assaults are up 35 percent in the last two years.

John McHugh, secretary of the United States Army visited Fort Leonard Wood Friday.

Fort Leonard Wood plays a big role in the discussion. It's where the Department of Defense trains their criminal investigators in charge of sexual assault cases.

That was not the purpose of McHugh's visit, but as he toured the post he did say the army is working on the problem as they continue to train these investigators.

He says there is zero tolerance for this behavior, but one of the big questions legislators are looking into right now is if the military justice system should be changed to better deal with sexual assaults. When NewsChannel 5's Anne Allred asked McHugh about this he said the Army is open to all suggestions on how to fix the problem, but he also has his hesitations.

"This is the bedrock of good order and discipline in the United States militaries, so if we're going to make wholesale changes, I think it's important and serves all of us, to make sure we understand the affects and make the best judgments," said McHugh.

McHugh testified before Congress on this issue this week.