CHAFFEE, Mo. (AP) - A Missouri transportation official says it will likely cost about $3 million to replace the highway overpass that partially collapsed when rail cars smashed into one of its support pillars after a cargo train collision.

Seven people in two cars on the Highway M overpass in Scott County were injured, none seriously, when two 40-foot sections of the overpass crumpled early Saturday.

The collapse occurred after a Union Pacific train hit the side of a Burlington Northern Santa Fe train at a rail intersection. Derailed rail cars then struck columns supporting the overpass, causing the collapse.

Mark Shelton, engineer for the Missouri Department of Transportation, said Sunday that the bridge replacement is estimated to cost about $3 million, and the bridge is expected to reopen in early September.

The NTSB says it is already interviewing witness, retrieving data recorders and reviewing on board video footage recovered from the locomotives. Investigators won't yet say which train was had the right of way, but they do say the south bound BNSF train was at least a dozen cars past the crossing when it was hit.

"That part we can say factually," said Robert Sumwwalt with theNTSB from the site of the crash. "Now, how did that happen? Why did that happen? That's exactly what our investigation intends to find out."

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CHAFFEE, Mo. (AP) - A federal agency has sent investigators to southeast Missouri, where seven people were injured when two cargo trains collided on tracks under a highway overpass, causing the overpass to collapse. Scott County Sheriff's Office Dispatcher Clay Slipis said the collision happened around 2:30 a.m. Saturday near Chaffee when a Union Pacific train hit a Burlington Northern train.

Slipis said several cars derailed and hit a pillar of the Highway M overpass, bringing it down. Two cars were on that stretch of road. Seven people - five in the vehicles and both train conductors - were taken to a hospital. Slipis said all but one was treated and released; the seventh is in good condition. The National Transportation Safety Board says it's sent a crew to investigate the cause.

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