St. Peters (KSDK)-- The tornado that tore through St. Charles County took aim at a fire station, injuring a firefighter and causing more than $75,000 in damage.

Mark Bush has been with Central County Fire and Rescue for about 20 years, but nothing prepared him for what happened Friday night.

He was watching NewsChannel 5's storm coverage when the lights started flickering and the television stopped working. Moments later, the EF3 tornado slammed into the fire house on Jungs Station Road. Bush was in the engine bay trying to close the garage doors when all of a sudden the doors collapsed.

That's when he says his training kicked in and he walked backwards against the wind. He hid behind the open fire truck doors, ducking his head. At about the same time, part of the garage door blew over his head hitting him in the shoulder.

Once the storm passed, the fire chief took him to the hospital where he was treated for cuts and bruises.

The fire trucks and other equipment were not damaged by the storm, and the station was able to stay in service on a back-up generator.

The station is now operating at full power.

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