By Mike Rush

ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KSDK) - On Sundaywe told you about a Ferguson woman who says she was cheated by a tree removal service.

Since that story aired, another woman says the same thing happened to her by the same company. It wasn't even a big job, just a few small branches cut by a couple of guys knocking on doors. They said they were with a company called Will's Tree Service.

"Quoted a price of $98. Made about five cuts of very small branches and came back and charged $750 dollars," said Karen Mills.

It happened to Mills' 71-year-old mother who, a little embarrassed, didn't want to be on camera.

The mother, on the spot and with a couple of strangers in her house, paid the bill.

When Karen saw our story of 83-year-old Alene Tow of Ferguson, she couldn't believe it.

"Almost exactly the same details," she said.

Tow says Will's Tree Service gave her an estimate last week to clean up some tornado damage. She too paid $750 after a much smaller initial quote.

5 on Your Side's Mike Rush called the numbers on the invoice and didn't hear back from Will's Tree Service. Mills is worried someone is targeting elderly people.

"Angry. You know, absolutely. Not even the loss of $750, but just safety in the community," said Mills. "It's unfortunate that in a good community like ours, you can't even open the door without the fear of getting cheated, swindled, ripped off."

While Will's Tree Service didn't call Rush back regarding this case, NewsChannel 5 was able to get in touch with someone from the company Sunday night regarding the other case. They say they plan to make that situation right. We'll continue to follow this story and let you know what happens.