By Leisa Zigman I-Team Reporter

ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. (KSDK) - The St. Charles County prosecutor charged Trisha Shelton with one count of theft in connection to the Girl Scout troop she led.

Parents say Shelton's daughter was also a member of the troop. They also say the charges aren't as much about jail time as it is about young girls allegedly betrayed by someone they thought was a mentor.

The ten girls from Troop 1137 were cookie selling machines. The 7 and 8-year-olds each sold more than 100 boxes each, according to cookie manager Maureen Davis.

"We started as Daisies together. They were Brownies. This was like the third year. You know the families, you know the girls, you know everybody. How could you do this to these kids knowing you didn't earn they money, they earned the money?" said Davis.

The troop co-leader along with members of the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri went to police once they realized there was missing money.

Kathy Dabrowski who is a senior director for the Girl Scouts explained, "If something happens that hurts them (scouts) then we as an organization, will take action."

According to the police report, Shelton appropriated more than $1,000 of the troop's money, defrauded the scouts, and wrote checks to herself.

"Having had some former girl scouts in my family, it's all about mentoring and role modeling for those kids. This aint it," said Capt. Pat McCarrick with the St. Charles Police Department.

The I-Team reached out to Shelton to hear her side of the story. She said she did not know what we were talking about before hanging up.

Shelton is charged with misdemeanor stealing, which could lead to a year in jail.

After the Girl Scouts conducted their own investigation, headquarters reimbursed Troop 1137's money.

St. Charles County Prosecutor Tim Lohmar told NewsChannel 5's Leisa Zigman while he can't speak about this particular case, in general his number one priority is to reimburse the victim while holding the defendant accountable.

Dabrowski said she hopes that happens because they could definitely put the money to good use helping more young girls.

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