By Tracy Clemons

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - For the LGBT community and its supporters, Wednesday's Supreme Court decisions on Prop 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act were cause for celebration.

"Undeniably, this is an historic day. If you have marriage for same sex couples moving forward in this country," said PROMO Executive Director A.J. Bockelman. PROMO is a state-wide LGBT advocacy organization.

For some in the faith community, it's cause for concern.

"Marriage has to be considered and always has been considered a religious ceremony," shared St. Louis NAACP First Vice President Rev. B.T. Rice. "And as people move further and further away from faith beliefs, then it leaves the door open for anything: beastiality, polygamy."

The comparison to the civil rights movement is not new, but with Wednesday's rulings that comparison takes on a new meaning.

"For my community, this is on the same level as the civil rights movement. This really does give us validation," said Stacie Stift with Pride St. Louis.

But Rev. Rice says it's not a fair comparison.

"In saying that if you discriminate a same-sex situation or gay relationship, it's equal or it's tantamount to discriminating against an African American for example, which is ludicrous in my mind. This is a lifestyle that has been chosen, but yet you are comparing it to a life, an individual, a culture and who we are," he said.

Bockelman says it's not quite that simple.

"There's a different tone to it, a different candor, and the population that's affected right now is across a number of different spectrums. These are people of color, as well as trans-gender individuals and a broad spectrum of people," said Bockelman.

However, he says they are linked.

"The civil rights era of the '50s and '60s, it was about making sure people were treated equally. It was the basis of really what we're trying to do now," he said.

Bockelman says there's still a lot to figure out in order to know what this means for Missouri. But he says he believes it's inevitable that same-sex marriage will make its way to the state.

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