By Talia Kaplan

BALLWIN, Mo. (KSDK) - Wednesday's Supreme Court decision was a very emotional one for many couples across the country.

Sandy and Callie O'Neil-Callahan recently got married. They said they wouldn't buy wedding bands until their union was recognized federally, and they say now it's time for them to go shopping.

In July, Callie and Sandy O'Neil-Callahan of Ballwin got married in Iowa. They have two boys and are expecting their third child. They were thrilled when they heard Wednesday's ruling.

Sandy is a nurse practitioner. Callie is an OBGYN.

"We are tax-paying citizens. We both have jobs. We're just trying to make due like everybody else and it feels like we finally get to be treated like everybody else," said Callie.

Callie says it hasn't been easy for the couple.

"It's been hard for us in past year. I think the past year we were denied insurance beenfits because of domestic partnership," she said.

But now things are looking up.

"It's my understanding that the dust is still settling but federally we are going to be able to file our income tax together which is going to be huge for us," said Sandy.

And that's not all.

"For social security benefits, like God forbid should something happen to one of us, I had my first job when I was twelve years old, I would want that money to go to my wife and to my family, and now with this overruling my money will go to my spouse," said Sandy.

Callie and Sandy say they're excited about the future.

"I'm thrilled tocontinue to growour family and hopefully raiseour babyin a place where everyone is accepted for who they are," said Callie.

Sandy says since Callie is pregnant, she plans to drink for the both of them when they celebrate.

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