Casey Nolen

Hazelwood, MO (KSDK) - A local credit union is being accused of discrimination by one of its members.

Adiaratou Sall of Hazelwood says after ten years of banking with the Gateway Metro Credit Union she was refused service, for the first time ever, because she was wearing a head scarf.

Sall says she wears scarf for religious reasons. Tellers wanted it removed for security reason.

The credit union says it has had a policy for years of no sunglasses, hats or hoods. Because of recent robberies the credit union is enforcing the policy more strictly.

But Sall says she can vote, get a driver's license and go through airport security with the same scarf and wants to know why banking should be any different.

"I feel hurt, big time and violated," says Sall. "It's who I am."
"I don't like doing it," says Gateway Metro Credit Union President and CEO Larry Pixley. "But I feel like we have to protect our members and our employees."

Sall was able to complete her transaction at another branch the same day and was confused by the inconsistency.

Pixley says that branch has new employees who may not be up to speed on the policy and says they will be trained.

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