WELDON SPRINGS, Mo. (KSDK) - At least one St. Charles County woman is taking a different approach to the school transfer controversy. She's petitioning state officials to change the law.

Andrea Stopke posted the petition on July 3rd. And it already has more than 8-hundred signatures.

Stopke wants the law amended, so students in unaccrediteddistricts can only transfer within their home county.

Right now, students in unaccredited districts can transfer to an accredited schoool within their county, or a neighboring one. The unaccredited district must pay tuition for any transfer, and pay for transportation to at least one district.

Stopke says she started the petition after seeing comments about the unaccredited Normandy schools paying to bus students to the Francis Howell District.

Unaccredited Riverview Gardens will pay to bus students to Mehlville schools.

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