ST. LOUIS (KSDK) -A man walking in downtown St. Louis Friday morning saved the lives of some newborn kittens who were discarded in a trash dumpster.

A hawk flying over the downtown landscape apparently scoped out the area and located his target, a dumpster in an alley behind 15th and Chestnuts streets.

Inside the trash was a box containing four newborn kittens that were dumped by an unknown individual. Who dumped the cats into the trash didn't matter to the bird of prey, which began to dive into the trash container, eventually nabbing one of the kittens, estimated to be less than two-weeks-old.

The Good Samaritan who witnessed the soaring bird walked past the dumpster and heard the mewing of the baby kittens and recued the remaining three from the trash.

The kittens were then taken to the St. Louis Animal House in The Hill neighborhood where they were bottle fed and examined for any injuries they may have suffered at the hands of whoever dumped them in the trash.

St. Louis Animal House is a no kill shelter who plans to care for the kittens until they can be put up for adoption.