Heidi Glaus

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Hallmark might have adopted the slogan when you care enough to send the very best, but Aleeza Granote has taken things one step further.

"A couple of years ago I actually was working at an adult hospital doing adult oncology and day in and day out patients would discharge home to nobody, they wouldn't even have a ride home," Granote said.

It was a sense of loneliness she couldn't ignore, but wasn't sure how to help then she noticed something about one of her favorite patients.

"She was getting some cards from like strangers and it really lifted her spirits," Granote said.

So she decided to start sending cards to complete strangers fighting cancer.

"I can see someone going to their mailbox who's sick and isolated and receiving that card and I don't know it's just a really cool feeling," Granote said.

Not just any card, handmade cards with handwritten personalized messages of hope.

"Ari you are such a special person and have such a wonderful family, I hope you enjoy your weekend, you're amazing in everyway love Aleeza with Card Care Connection," Granote said, reading a card to a young patient.

Card Care Connection now has 150 volunteers from across the country making cards and here at Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital

She also makes special deliveries.

"I've gotten cards from Florida, Montana. London. Somewhere in Japan," said Pheonix Spangler, a 13-year-old fighting cancer.

"It makes my day whenever I get something in the mail," said Mariah Guilbeault, another patient.

Those special deliveries almost always get a smile and sometimes even a kiss because the woman behind Card Care Connection is obviously some kind of wonderful.

Card Care Connection is hosting a Beauty Bash at the Saint Louis Galleria Saturday from 1 4p.m. and for more information check out the related link.