NEW BADEN, Ill. (KSDK) - Problems rose as quickly as the water in parts of New Baden, Illinois over the weekend.

Flash flooding left home and business owners with a mess to clean up on Sunday after five inches of rain inundated the area.

Employees at Spaeth Welding spent the day cleaning equipment and sweeping water out of their shop.

"I was shocked we had a few problems with water in the past. This is a low end of town, but never to the point where we had 18 to 20 inches inside the shop," said Marvin Spaeth, owner of Spaeth Welding.

Most of the equipment at the business is high enough off the floor that it wasn't damaged, except a handful of new plasma machines that are now waterlogged.

"Tomorrow will tell the tale when we fire them up if they work or if they don't work, so cross your fingers," said Spaeth.

Several homes near the business also suffered water damage, but Spaeth is focusing on the positive.

"Big thing is we will be back in business tomorrow and all 22 guys will still have a job, so that's a plus," said Spaeth. "Its better than a tornado so we can pick up the loose ends and give her heck tomorrow again."

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