Steelville, MO (KSDK) - We are learning more about a man shot to death on the Meramec River while he was on a float trip this weekend.

It happened near Steelville, that's about 100 miles southwest of St. Louis, in Crawford County.

A weekend of floating, a typical tradition during the summer turned tragic Saturday afternoon. Police say a man, 48,floating the Meramec River got into an argument with a property owner and the fight ended, police say, when the property owner shot the floater in the head, killing him.

"I hope I don't run into that, I've never even thought about having a problem, but that's too bad," says Ray Wittrock.

He has been floating for 15 years and says he's never heard of something like this happening. Wittrock says he's never even seen an argument out on the water and that's what he likes about it.

"Peaceful, floating the stream, fishing, no on bothering you, you know that kind of thing," says Wittrock.

"It still is just unbelievable you know?" says owner of The Rafting Co., Paul Wilkerson. "That someone would take a situation that far."

Wilkerson says the shooting victim was a regular and every year the victim and nearly 40 other family members would come to the Meramec river for a weekend of camping and floating. So, this tragedy hits home.

"Makes it part of the family, especially when people come here year after year, you know they become part of the family," says Wilkerson.

He has been in the float business for the past 28 years and has never seen such violence on the water.

"In today's world, am I surprised? Probably not, probably not, but it's still a safe and enjoyable activity for the family to do," says Wilkerson.

The property owner was taken into custody Saturday night, no word on charges.

We contacted the Crawford County Sheriff's department Sunday and are still waiting for a response.

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