The family and friends of a woman murdered by her boss on Cherokee Street are now telling her story.

"I love the fact she was a very unselfish person."

"I love that she lived in the moments, yes, yes."

"Whatever environment she entered, she upgraded it."

They were the words that filled a church in Spanish Lake. People from everywhere came to remember Bernice Solomon-Redd. They wore colorful leis and brought their memories.

They said Solomon-Redd changed her little piece of the world every day, even on the fateful day a little more than a month ago when her boss killed her, his business partner, and himself.

Gwen Solomon met Bernice when they started doing business together. She thinks its no coincidence that they shared a last name. She was a stranger when they met, but became more like a family member as their friendship blossomed.

"She's a person of great humility, humble," said Solomon. Solomon organized the memorial service Sunday afternoon to honor her best friend.

Solomon-Redd came to the U.S. from the Philippines. Her marriage fell apart when she got here, but she got back on her feet. She worked in the travel business and got her nursing degree in Nebraska. A few years ago she found love and got married again.

She taught her friends important lessons.

"Work hard, play hard. She certainly did that. Live life like each day is your last," said Solomon of her


"She always said, love you! Bye for now!"

Solomon believes her friend is changing a little piece of heaven too. She said Solomon-Redd never knew sadness, she crossed the fine line into celebration every day she lived.

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