ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - St. Louis Police are investigatinga rash of car break-insnear the Grand Basin and Art Hill in Forest Park. Authorities say they also had similar incidents on West Pine in the park.

Thieves smashed windows out of around 30 cars on Sunday night. Police believe the thieves were looking for wallets, purses, electronics and even guns.Officers found several handbags that had been rummaged through and discarded.

On Monday afternoon some of that broken glass was still visible along Lagoon Drive.

These types of break-ins are usually called crimes of opportunity. But Police Chief Sam Dotson said this string of burglaries is more like fishing. Instead of targeting specific cars with valuables in sight, these criminals are busting into random groups of cars and hoping to find anything of value.

Dotson was quick to point out Monday that crime is down overall in St. Louis. But he said car break-ins have actually risen 1.5%.

Dotson says the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is now throwing a number of resources at the problem, including extra patrols, bait cars and even electronic tracking devices.

Officers have already gotten a small break with a suspect description of four men in a black Nissan Altima. One victim told NewsChannel-5 several masked men were involved in the crimes, however police have not confirmed the allegation.

Anyone with more information on the crimes should call the St. Louis Police Department.

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