By Farrah Fazal

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - The NAACP said it's going to file lawsuits on behalf of parents who weren't able to get into the two accredited school districts.

Riverview Gardens School District told parents they could send their children to Mehlville and Kirkwood schools with paid tuition and transportation. The law requires unaccredited districts like Riverview Gardens to pay for children to go to better school districts.

Stephen and Lataschia Edwards wanted to send their children to Kirkwood but they didn't' get in.

"We're finding ourselves worrying about what school they're going to, will they be able to start," said Stephen.

The Edwards have four children. They can't afford transportation to other districts.

"We have plans to enroll them in Riverview Gardens because we have no other options at this point," said Stephen.

Four hundred other children are in the same boat.

"Everybody involved has let those parents down," said NAACP's Adolphus Pruitt. He said he wants to hear from parents who want to file lawsuits against the districts. He's already heard from several.

"We're not going to allow these kids to fall through the cracks because they want to go to a district that has a reputation for educating children," said Pruitt.

Pruitt said the school battle reminds him of the days the NAACP waged another black and white war.

"One big history piece has been about desegregating education. It seems to me we are right back where we were," said Pruitt.

The Edwards don't' want to burden other school districts with their children.

"You don't want to put a strain on somebody else's children because another district is not doing it right," said Stephen.

They just want every parent wants for their children. NewsChannel 5 learned Kirkwood now has 24 more spots in third grade and one opening in first grade for children from unaccredited districts.

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