ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KSDK) - A lot of talk has been generated in the NewsChannel 5 newsroom this week about how to get rid of a skunk without hurting it or getting sprayed.

It all started when one of our producers came to the realization a skunk was living under his porch. He did some research and found out skunks find the scent of humans just as repulsive as we find their smell.

So, he put a pair of dirty socks around the entrance to the skunk's den; one on top, and one hanging in a nearby rose bush.

The next day the skunk smell was gone. Just to be sure the skunk was gone too he put flour around the entrance to see if there were any tracks overnight. When there weren't, he covered the hole.

Earlier this month we reported the number of skunks testing positive for rabies are up 59 percent in Missouri this year. If you notice a skunk smell that isn't going away, look for a hole and try this to get rid of it.

Of course, skunks are nocturnal, so do your work during the day.

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