By Laura Kennedy

GOLDEN CITY, Mo. (KOLR/CNN) - Law enforcement officers in Missouri met with the family of a missing 12-year-old girl after searchers found a body near the child's hometown.

Investigators are not yet confirming the remains are those of Adriaunna Horton, but the community is already mourning her possible death.

"I'm just really devastated and heart broke and breathless," said resident Angie Gibson.

The news that a body was found reached Gibson early Wednesday afternoon.

"I feel so sorry for the family," she said.

Gibson lives in golden city and knew the missing 12-year-old girl. She says she's proud of the support people in the community are showing one another, whether by supporting search efforts or giving a much needed hug.

"Being there for each other and loving on each other I just thank everybody from all around this area coming in and searching for this little angel," she said.

That search began Monday afternoon, after a seemingly normal day in the small city.

Classes started back up at Adriaunna's school the day she went missing.

Mary Potter says the community needs to be on alert.

"Oh people say 'This can't happen around here, this is just a small community.' Honey it can happen anywhere I don't care where you are," said Potter.

And that parents should take this as a learning opportunity, if only for one lesson.

"You can't take anything for granted," said Potter.

"This town will be devastated for quite a while," said Gibson.

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