CLAYTON, Mo. (KSDK) - A man whose company is involved in a government investigation is no longer on the St. Louis County Police Board.

Gregory Sansone resigned Wednesday from the board. He owns a construction company that was hired to do subcontract work on the county crime lab. That contract is being investigated by the FBI.

County Executive Charlie Dooley Thursday named two new people to fill open spots on the board. One is businessman Dave Spence, who was the Republican candidate for Missouri Governor last year. The other is Reverend Freddy J. Clark, the founder and pastor of the Shalom Church in St. Louis.

Dooley maintains there was no conflict of interest in the subcontract work awarded to Sansone's company and has called or a new ordinance holding agreements with subcontractors to the same standards as work awarded to general contractors.

In his resignation letter Sansone sites the new standards for conflict of interest with subcontractors as his reason for resigning.

The St. Louis County Police Chief, who first raised concerns about a possible conflict of interest, says he has no reaction to Sansone's resignation - only expectations for the new appointees.

"I'd like to see them have the same impact the three remaining members have had," said Fitch. "They're decent, honorable people."

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