ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KSDK) - Visiting the farm animals at Suson Park is a favorite pastime for Cori Reed and her granddaughters.

But during a visit to the park in the early summer, they noticed that Peanut Butter - one of the park's miniature donkeys - wasn't his normal cheery self.

"He was limping to his water bowl and he was walking around limping," Reed said. "I thought he was in really bad pain. I bet it hurt real bad."

Reed said caretakers told her Peanut Butter had dislocated his hip and needed surgery. So, she contacted 5 On Your Side.

5 On Your Side visited Peanut Butter, and was there when Dr. Mike Jones - the vet who cares for the park's 60 animals - x-rayed Peanut Butter's hip, hoping to figure out how to fix the problem.

"I've talked to surgeons at the University of Missouri and they're in agreement that we wouldn't gain much by doing all these surgeries to him," he said. "The only thing they suggested, and I agree, is that he might need to lose a little weight."

After several weeks as a guest on Dr. Jones' farm, Peanut Butter is getting around better. He's lost a few pounds and he's made new friends.

Jones hopes to retire Peanut Butter to his farm, but that's up to St. Louis County officials.

As for Reed, she says she and her granddaughters will miss visiting Peanut Butter, but she feels better knowing that he's getting such great care.

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