By Tracy Clemons

WELLSTON, Mo. (KSDK) - Early this week, two men in an unmarked vehicle with flashing red and blue lights pulled a car over at Page Boulevard and Skinker Parkway in Wellston. Wellston's police chief tells us they tried to carjack the driver at gunpoint, he sped off, they fired and shot him in the leg and he drove himself to the hospital.

"It doesn't surprise me at all because of the crime rate going on in St. people dying every day over stupid stuff," Carlos Cotton, 16, said.

Cotton is a junior at University City High School. We talked to him outside of Lee's Furniture near where this happened. We also talked to Lee himself.

"It's crazy because you've got so many little kids and older folks around," he said.

Lee tells us he worries this kind of thing deters customers.

"Everything is shocking. It's a surprise. And it's scary too," he said.

Two police impersonators also hit in St. Louis city twice. One was in an undisclosed location in District Nine, and on Interstate 70 at East Grand Avenue. Police say the suspects pulled the man from his car, searched him and asked if he had marijuana or guns. According to an email we obtained exclusively from police sources, the suspects took the victim's wallet and cell phone. They then told him he had 10 seconds to get in his car and leave. He complied.

"They are not that frequent. But occasionally these kinds of crimes do occur," Lt. Col. Paul Nocchiero with the SLMPD Bureau of Community Policing said.

Lt. Col. Nocchiero says there are things you can do if someone tries to pull you over and you're not sure it's legit.

"What we want you to do is if you have a cell phone we'd like you to call 911 and talk to our dispatchers," she said. "What they will do is they will put out an all points request for that car to identify itself and describe the car that they're trying to pull over. Once they do that the dispatcher will communicate with the citizen again and advise the citizen that it is one of our unmarked units, ask them to pull over, and follow the police officer's directions."

Nocchiero also says if you call the dispatcher and it turns out that the car trying to stop you is not a police car, you'll be instructed to go to the closest police precinct.

And you can also ask to see a badge and a police ID badge.