ST. LOUIS (CNN) - If your diet in college consisted mainly of eating macaroni and cheese, you might have to take a second look at what your kids might be eating.

Colleges have kicked it up and some are now offering top-notch dining experiences. The Daily Meal pulled together the top college dining options nationwide, ranking 2,000 four-year college and universities that went above and beyond the simple meal plan.

They came up with a list of the 60 top colleges for the most delicious and nutritious offerings. Here's the top 10:

1. Dowdoin College, Maine
2. Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri
3. Virginia Tech, Virginia
4. Emory University, Georgia
5. UCLA, California
6. Cornell University, New York
7. UMass Amberst, Massachusetts
8. Kennesaw State University, Georgia
9. Tufts University, Massachusetts
10. Yale University, Connecticut

These schools were judged on how healthy their offerings were and if those meals were made in-house or grown locally. In addition, points were given based on accessibility and services, events and nutritional education and student feedback.

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