ST. LOUIS-- If your cable bill is anywhere close to $80 per month, there's a way to lower it to $8. Since I tackled this subject a year ago, I've heard from many of you who've come onboard with great success.

While this Ways to Save isn't for everyone or the most demanding viewers, I have successfully lowered my bill from the previous $100 per month I was paying.

Considering I was only watching eight of the channels in my provider package, almost three years ago I made the decision to go Roku and today I want to talk about Google's Chromecast.

Here are three easy steps to sever the ties with your provider:

1) Buy Chromecast for $35 (more on Chromecast in a minute). CLICK HERE - it's $35 with free shipping. []

2) Get a subscription to Hulu Plus for $7.99 a month (so you can watch your favorite new primetime shows, as well as previous episodes). CLICK HERE for a one week free trial or to see what shows are available. []

3) Buy a good HD antenna so you can still watch us! Also on sale today, CLICK HERE for a coupon on my favorite model + free shipping. []

So what is Chroemcast?

It's a beautiful little HD streaming stick that allows you to watch most of your favorite TV and movie content on demand. It streams content trapped on your computer seamlessly to your TV. It also unleashes the great content you have stored on your smartphone or tablet.

Chromecast connects to your TV via an HDMI port but still requires you plug it in to a power source via its adapter. Set-up took me three minutes, my Netflix movies came alive in moments with the Chromecast built-in App, as did every possible Youtube video to further waste my time. It was marvelous. Hulu Plus is your key to the rest of that great primetime content with significantly fewer commercials than you'd see on traditional television. It will soon be available directly on Chromecast, and in the meantime you can stream Hulu from the chrome browser.

So what are the other savings?

Most importantly, you're not paying to rent your box (like you'd be paying with a cable or satellite provider). You can also watch as many movies or TV shows on demand as you want (with a Hulu Plus subscription or Netflix) without any contracts or package price increases.

What are the drawbacks?

If you watch HBO or premium cable / satellite content, this might not be for you. If you have dial-up internet, you can't use Chromecast and in most cases you'll be getting your primetime programming a day after everyone else via Hulu.

Why Chromecast over Roku or Apple TV?

For great 1080p streaming video, Chromecast is half the price and while I have a deep love for Roku and Apple TV, Google's interface is my favorite at the moment. You also don't need to buy an HDMI cable with Chromecast which the other two devices require.

What do you need?

You need a decent internet connection to power Chromecast. In all my tests, DSL Speeds of at least 5.0 Mbps are required. You also need a wi-fi enable iOS 6.0+ iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android 2.3+ smartphone/tablet if you do not have a wi-fi enabled laptop.

Happy Savings!

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