ST. LOUIS (KSDK)-The unusual"corpse flower" is on the verge of blooming at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Less than 160 blooms have been documented in nearly 120 years.

The corpse flower blooms once every year or two. Over a three-week period, the plant sends up one long, rolled-up leaf that eventualyl unfurls like an umbrella. The plant maintains its full form for about three to five days, with peak bloom lasting about 24 hours. The corpse flower's namesake odor occurs during this time.

The Missouri Botanical Garden contains eight corpse flower specimens. Two corpse flowers, also known as titan arums, bloomed in 2012.

The corpse flower is located in the Linnean House. Admission to the Botanical Garden is $8 for adults. Children 12 and under get in for free. St. Louis City and County residents enjoy discounted admission of $4 and free admission on most Wednesday and Saturday mornings until noon. Members of the Botanical Garden get in for free.

The Botanical Garden will open for evening viewing once the inflorescene (flowering structure) opens. The corpse flower tends to open quickly and in the late afternoon. Viewing after 8 p.m. requires an admission of $10 for adults and children over 3 years of age, and $5 for Botanical Garden members and their children over the age of 3.

The last corpse flower to bloom at the Botanical Garden was nicknamed "Izzy" by horticultural staff. People can suggest a name for this new flower by using the hashtag #MoBotTitan on Facebook and Twitter. The person with the winning suggestion will receive a behind-the-scenes tour for up to four people and other prizes.

The winner will be announced after the corpse flower is unfurled.

For more information on the corpse flower or the Missouri Botanical Garden, visit or call 314-577-5100. You can follow the Missouri Botanical Garden onFacebook andTwitter as well.

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