EVANSVILLE, Ind. (KSDK) - There's sad news about a remarkable dog we told you about last week.

Family of the 10-year-old chocolate lab whoaccidentally ran a half marathon last week hasannounced on Facebook that he died of a heart attack Tuesday.

Boogie Butts met up with runners at the half marathon starting line on Oct. 5 and started running. When he crossed the finish line two hours and 15 minutes later, nobody knew who he belonged to. He was taken to an animal shelter where his owner found him.

"I found out later that, you know, he was all over Facebook that he'd run the marathon," said his owner, Jerry Butts.

He is believed to be the first dog to run 13.1 miles without help from a human.

Last week hereceived a finisher's medal marking his accomplishment.

There's no word if the run played a part in Boogie's heart attack.

Boogie's family is welcoming donations in his memory to the Vanderburgh Humane Society.