By Grant Bissell

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - St. Louis is gearing up for the next round of Rocktober. The World Series will bring huge crowds to Busch Stadium, and the city's working to make sure fans will be safe.

On Monday St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department leaders met with other first responders as well as the ATF, FBI and Homeland Security to go over their game plan. Police Chief Sam Dotson was quick to point out that there have been no threats made toward the World Series or the city of St. Louis. But he says that's no reason for law enforcement to let their guard down. He talked about the three main goals for law enforcement and city crews during the World Series: safety, fan experience and making the city look its best.

Increased safety will mean extra officers and agents on the streets, the use of technology like air monitoring and radiation detectors. Fans going into the stadium can expect some metal detectors and random wanding with magnetometers. There will also still be the regular bag searches, but no pat downs by security officers.

Dotson also reminds everyone that even though it's legal to have a concealed weapon in Missouri, Busch Stadium is not the place to carry it. He said even pocket knives will be turned away.

There is the possibility that extra streets may be closed downtown. That information will come out later this week.