ST. LOUIS (KSDK) – The actress playing the oldest of the Von Trapp children in Thursday's "Sound of Music" special is from the St. Louis area.

Ariane Rinehart's first role was actually in the Carousel at Stages.

She's also played the Muny, but this is her television debut. During a Skype interview with NewsChannel 5's Heidi Glaus, Rinehart said she's going to be very busy tonight.

"There is the beginning of the show – when the kids start. For me, it's very physical," she said. "We're running around the set, and then I power-walk over to the mountain to sing '16 Going on 17,' and that's a very physical dance, and then I literally sprint to the other to the other side of the soundstage for a quick change, and then climb through a window and jump on a bed.

"The first half hour is a lot of climbing on things."

Rinehart grew up in Webster Groves.