KSDK – Now here's something to drink to…

TIME magazine lists Missouri as the best place in the country for drinking, citing its lack of restrictions on open containers, and lax laws when it comes to being drunk in occupied schools, churches and courthouses.

Not only that, but while localities can pass laws banning public intoxication, it's prohibited for cities and towns to require arrests for such offenses.

The second best state might not come as a shock if you've been to Las Vegas. Like Missouri, Nevada has a ban on laws making public intoxication illegal, and also allows businesses to sell alcohol all day, every day.

Wisconsin came in third, mainly for its law allowing minors under 21 to drink as long as they are accompanied by parents, guardians or spouses of legal drinking age.

And as for the states most likely to kill your buzz? Utah, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania were listed as the worst drinking states.

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