KSDK - New details are emerging in the case of a St. Peters attorney who's been missing for weeks.

Jeff Witt's disappearance left behind nearly 60 pending cases. Kenneth Carp, the court-appointed attorney assigned to pick up the cases says Witt's office was left in disarray.

Thousands of documents are scattered throughout Witt's office. File boxes litter the floor half-filled with papers. An entire room is filled with stacks of documents that have barely been touched.

Carp has already spent close to 50 hours sorting through those documents, trying to alphabetize and reconstruct clients' files.

"This is a bigger job than I ever would have thought," Carp said.

Witt was last seen in late October. He was arrested by Clayton Police on Oct. 15th for allegedly driving under the influence of a controlled substance.

Many clients complained that Witt had missed their court dates. So many, in fact, that police went to check on Witt at his home in late October. They found him there alive and well.

On November 20th the Missouri Supreme Court suspended Witt's law license, citing professional misconduct.

Then on November 22nd his ex-wife filed a missing person report with the St. Louis County Police Department, which is now investigating Witt's disappearance.

Carp says he's already been in contact with around 20 of Witt's former clients. He says anyone who was represented by Witt should still attend any upcoming court dates.

"Traffic cases, criminal cases are still moving forward. You should be attentive to what's going on," said Carp.

Carp tells NewsChannel 5 most judges are giving some leniency to Witt's former clients.

If you were formerly represented by Witt you can call Kenneth Carp's office at 314-942-3005 or click here to go to Carp's website.