KSDK - The show must go on, four days from now. Drama volunteer Sally Oelzen is rehearsing her actors, a group of kids with special needs who are all smiles.

"TASK never turns away a child. And they mean that," Oelzen said.

TASK stands for TEAM ACTIVITIES FOR SPECIAL KIDS. Oelzen is one of over 300 TASK volunteers. Her son is on the autism spectrum and when she saw how much fun he had in the organization's sports programs, she became a volunteer.

"I've had experience with drama and music in the past and Deb came to me and said we'd like to have a drama and music program," she said.

Drama is one of many year round TASK programs. There are individual and team sports like t-ball, basketball, bowling, golf and swimming. Social activities include cooking, dance, arts and crafts, and a one week summer day camp, all designed for kids with special needs. When executive director Deb Freund founded TASK in 1996, 26 kids participated. In 2013, more than 1800 kids have taken part in TASK programs.

Nearly two years after moving TASK into the former United Auto Workers Hall in Fenton, Freund wants area parents to know there's room for more kids with special needs.

"If they're looking for a place for their child to come and play where they'll be accepted and will be supported in whatever they need as far as modifications and adaptions to sports and programs that we offer, come on out and play with us," Freund said.

TASK is located at 980 Horan Drive in Fenton, MO. For more information call 636-343-8275 or