PACIFIC BEACH, Calif. (CNN) - With an estimated 300,000 landmine-related amputees living in developing countries, one group is lending a helping hand...literally.

Thirty employees at a tech company called "The Control Group" took a break to churn out prosthetic hands. It's all through the "Gift A Hand" project. Each hand takes a couple of hours to construct, but is built to last for decades.

Employees keep one hand in a special blue mitt, so they can see what it's like for amputees. Todd Demorrest trains groups to build the hands. Thousands have been given out so far in areas like Columbia and Afghanistan.

In the developing world, prosthetics can often cost between $5,000 and $10,000. The control group built about 15 hands on the day CNN was there, meaning that 15 lives changed, at no cost to the victims.