ST. LOUIS (KSDK) – A local mom is outraged after she discovered a scorpion in her 2-year-old son's lollipop.

The lollipop was part of a stocking full of candy at a kids holiday party sponsored by the Rams at the Edward Jones Dome Sunday. She was alarmed when she discovered he was eating a lollipop that had a real scorpion inside.

She took photos of the scorpion and contacted poison control. Scorpion suckers are sold across the country. The tail is typically removed, and one manufacturer says the insects inside are "processed and safe to eat."

"It shouldn't be given to children period. I can understand it being given as a gag gift or something like that, but you're not giving these kids gag gifts at all," mother Richelle West said.

NewsChannel 5 contacted the Rams about the incident.

They will be delivering replacement candies and toys to the child.

The Rams-BAMSL Motion for Kids event connects approximately 3,000 children whose lives have been severely impacted with the criminal justice system with sponsors from the St. Louis legal community who buy them gifts from a wish list and stuff a socking.