(KSDK) – The Target data breach has lead to both Missouri and Illinois attorneys general issuing warnings to consumers.

Monday morning, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan warned consumers to be on the lookout for unauthorized charges on debit and credit cards, while Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster wanred of scams related to the data breach.

Last week, a Secret Service investigation showed that more than 40 million Target customers who used debit and credit cards between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15 might have their personal financial information compromised.

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Madigan said that while unsure of how many Illinois residents have been affected, she re-emphasizes to monitor credit card and bank statements and contact the card issuer right away if concerned or notice suspicious charges.

Monday afternoon, Koster warned consumers that scammers have been calling and emailing those involved in the breach to attempt to gain additional personal and financial information.

In an email from Koster's office, he reminds people that neither Target or a financial institution will ask for personal information over the phone or via email.

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For more information about the data breach and what you should do, check out the Target website or call 866-522-8680.