CNN - Part of the fun of the holidays is eating the big family meal and enjoying the delicious leftovers.

Following some simple rules can keep our food safe. For starters, make sure that we don't leave it sitting out longer than two hours and we want to make sure we chill it appropriately as well.

Whether that's the turkey or a casserole, get it into the refrigerator quickly to keep bad bacteria from multiplying.

Put your food in airtight containers because air fuels the bacteria-- so you want to keep that air out.

The temperature of your refrigerator should be set below 40 degrees to ensure that the food will stay safe. You may want to get a thermometer if your fridge does not have one.

And when it's time to reheat the leftovers - bring the temperature back up to the level needed when cooked the first time.

We want to make sure the poultry is at least at 165 degrees.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics says we should eat the leftovers within 3-4 days, and if you have any concerns about safety, if in doubt throw it out