NEW YORK (CNN) - It's a trend we're noticing more and more -- price hikes from satellite TV providers.

Almost every available package from Direct TV and Dish will increase in price from $2 to $5.

Dish TV, for its part, once again raised prices by more than its rival Direct TV.

Dish said it would hike fees by 5.5 percent next year and that follows a steep 16 percent hike at the beginning of this year.

Direct TV's average price hike is 4.4 percent. Last year, the price hike was 3.2 percent, according to one analyst.

But there is one thing Dish TV is doing differently - it's not hiking fees in 2014 on its $20 welcome plan and its $60 America's Choice plan will cost the same as well.

So why are rates going up so much? The price satellite companies pay for content is on the rise and that's being passed down to customers. If the price increase is too much for your budget, try to negotiate, many TV and Internet providers have deals available they don't always advertise. There may be a package that works for you.