OAKVILLE, Mo. (KSDK) – Days after a rash of break-ins in Columbia, Ill., St. Louis County police are investigating a string of similar incidents in nearby Oakville.

Joseph Anderson woke up on Saturday to texts from his credit card company, alerting him to fraudulent charges. When he went outside, he found out thieves got into his car.

"My glove compared ripped through….trashed up," he said. "They stole my wallet and radar detector."

He wasn't alone. Police discovered seven other cars on Mellowlight Drive that had also been broken into.

Police say each of the victims left their doors unlocked – which makes it easy for criminals.

The night before, just a few blocks away on Ashrock Drive, police say a man broke into a home while a couple with a four-year-old daughter were inside. The burglar got away without taking anything.

Authorities in nearby Columbia, Ill. are dealing with a similar situation. They responded to more than 20 car break-ins since Christmas day and one residential burglary.