MITCHELL, Ill. (KSDK) – A day after a dog was found seriously injured near Maryville Road, Partners 4 Pets is looking for information about its abuser and donations to help pay for her vet bills.

Ruby – who is just one year old -- was first discovered on New Year's Day with a partially severed leg on off Maryville Road behind Curlys Corner Market. Vets say the injury was less than 72 hours old. She was rushed to Horseshoe Lake Animal hospital, and as of Thursday night, she was not stable enough to undergo surgery due to dehydration, shock and severe blood loss.

If she survives, vets hope to amputate her leg to the shoulder on Monday. Partner 4 Pets is soliciting donations to help pay for pet bills, as well as a loving family to adopt her.

Partners 4 Pets is also offering a $500 reward for anyone with information about her abuser. You can call 618-540-7387 with tips.