ST. LOUIS - St. Louis is still in an uphill battle to dig out from Sunday's snow storm. While road crews are starting to make some progress on the major streets, there's still a battle on the side roads, where cars are remain stuck on the side of the road.

Historically, the city hasn't paid much attention to clearing residential streets, just the major thoroughfares. But a couple of things happened: we have more snow than normal and there's more demand from people to clear their streets.

And while the city is trying to accommodate, the message is don't expect to see any pavement any time soon.

Instead, what city crews are doing on neighborhood streets is dragging plows across the snow, smoothing out the ruts and grating the snow flat so it's easier to drive on. Workers then drop a salt, sand and calcium mix to help the melting process.

Todd Waelterman heads the St. Louis City Streets Department. He says as younger, more active people move into the city, they are demanding service on the residential roads that normally have not been treated.

While Waelterman says the city wants to answer the call, city streets are too dense to push snow to the side where people park and hauling snow away is not an option either.

"It'd be very, very expensive," said Waelterman. "You'd go in there with loaders and load it into dump trucks and haul it away, you'd be here until March still doing it. You know, it takes so much equipment. there's so many miles of these roads."

Some cities have programs in place where they plow one side of the street and leave the other open for parking, but Waelterman says that's not practical in St. Louis because we don't get these types of heavy snows enough to justify taking up people's street parking.

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