TOWN AND COUNTY, Mo. (KSDK) – Residents are divided over a rezoning proposal from BJC Healthcare to build a new pediatric facility off Interstate 64 and Mason Road.

BJC says it serves more than 1,600 patients in Town and Country alone and that the need great for a St. Louis Children's Hospital outpatient facility in west St. Louis County.

Proponents say that the hospital is a necessity in a community where some parents have to drive to Kingshighway to reach the nearest pediatric facility.

Those opposed argued before the Town and Country Board of Aldermen Monday night that the expansion is more a sign of a "turf war" between BJC and other hospital groups. They fear the three story building on the site of the former Missouri Highway Patrol building will bring increased congestion which could lead to safety issues on Mason Road.

The crowd at a public hearing on Monday seemed evenly divided. Physicians who live in Town and Country even lined up on opposite sides of the issue.

A Board of Alderman decision on whether to rezone the land to allow the development to proceed will not come for another two weeks.

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