DENVER, Colo. (KDVR) - In July, Randy and Louise Heern will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. Just as they have the last six years, they were preparing to once again celebrate without that sacred token.

Louise's wedding ring went missing after a christening in 2007.

"I was heartsick. I was," she said. "I mean we tore the house apart."

Their house was under construction at the time, and she says she thought the ring might have just been swept up with broken tiles, but then, a phone call.

"We bought your house in Chicago, and I think I found something that might belong to you."

Turns out, the freezing temperatures busted a pipe in the master bedroom. The Heern's can't exactly say how the ring ended up in the drain, but they have an idea.

"In that particular vanity, there was a lot of countertop around that sink, so it had to have been... it was something to play with. The cats were probably up there batting it around, and it probably fell in."

"I can't believe it's been in there all that time."

"Now, I keep checking that it's there. You know, after you lose something, you get a little paranoid."

That doesn't mean it's always on her finger, but now she has a special place to keep it when it's not.

"When she takes it off, she puts it in her ring box now."

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