DUBLIN, Ireland (KSDK) – A mountain bikers gravity-defying stunts left him with an injury that many doctors call "unique."

After flipping over his bike's crossbar, the unnamed man sustained an injury that led to irregular bloodflow to his penis, the Irish Examiner reports.

This led to ongoing priaprism – the medical term for an erection that lasted more than four hours in the absence of any sexual stimulation.

He didn't go to the hospital for five weeks. He showed no signs of injury other than the erection, the Irish Examiner says.

Doctors initially tried to treat the condition with "manual compression," which temporarily solved the problem, until it returned.

Staff then tried a pressure dressing. However, the second this dressing as removed, the erection returned.

Finally, medics put a gel foam and four tiny platinum coils in the abnormal connection between an artery and the vein that supplied blood to the penis. This reduced the once too-high blood supply to his penis, thus ending the erection.

The man was sedated – but conscious – during the procedure.

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