COLLINSVILLE, lll. (KSDK) - Like city governments across the country, and like sign taped to the doors of city hall, Collinsville was closed Monday in observance of Martin Luther King Day.

Well, sort of. A back door was still open for city employees to come to work, and some say that's disrespectful.

Empty out front, parking full out back and city hall employees leaving for the day, that's what "kind-of closed" looks like.

While city hall is closed to the public, city workers still come to work, doing things like filing and cleaning their workspaces.

"I feel that it's a disrespect to the taxpayers of this city," said Collinsville resident Brandon Drake. "It's also disrespectful to all of those who laid their lives on the line in the name of civil rights."

Drake, who volunteers on the city's planning commission, says he's been bringing this matter up to city leaders since 2011.

There has been some change. Up until last year, city hall was open to the public on MLK Day. But Drake thinks this approach is more dishonest.

"I would rather someone being open business as usual as opposed to putting a facade up, drawing the blinds locking the doors," Drake said.

People we spoke to in town agree Collinsville should change it's policy.

Collinsville Resident Moneika Nunn said, "Martin Luther King represented a cause for all people, so I believe that all people should benefit from this day."

Todd Boyd, from Belleville but eating in Collinsvillle said, "I know some people don't really celebrate it but they should. I mean he was a very important figure.

Newschannel 5 reached out to the mayor and city manager. They did not respond back as of this writing.

In fairness, Collinsville does observe Martin Luther King Day in a few ways. There was a silent walk Sunday night and an event at a local church Monday night.