COLUMBIA, Mo. (KSDK) – The University of Missouri released a follow-up Q & A Tuesday morning in response to an ESPN investigation detailing a former student who claims that she was raped by a football player before committing suicide.

"While we feel that University of Missouri personnel did everything possible considering the amount of information available at the time to help Sasha Menu Courey, we support a full review of the university's policies and procedures and look forward to any potential improvements that might be identified," the statement reads.

The Outside the Lines investigation alleges that Mizzou did not investigate or tell law enforcement officials about the incident, arguing that administrators found out about the 2010 rape accusations more than a year ago. Menu Courey committed suicide in 2011.

Mizzou's latest statement claims the university did not know about any sexual assault allegations until 2012. Here's their explanation of the course of events, according to the Q&A:

"In the process of gathering documents in response to Sasha's parents' Sunshine Law request, MU discovered a transcript of an online chat between Sasha and a crisis hotline that included a reference to an alleged sexual assault. Sasha had never reported this to University officials or requested an investigation while she was alive, and the transcript did not include the name of an assailant or any other specific information that would prompt an investigation. However, after discovering this document, the University contacted the parents and asked if they would like an investigation to take place. The parents did not respond. Therefore, at that point in time, which was after Sasha's death, the University was unable to go forward with an investigation due to no request for an investigation and a lack of specific information."

ESPN's investigation, meanwhile, alleges that in the year leading up to her suicide, Menu Courey told a rape crisis counselor, a campus therapist and nurse, two doctors and an athletic administrator – according to her journal – her story of the assault.

Mizzou says it was not obligated under Title IX to investigate the assault because it did not have sufficient information.

"This information did not suggest that the alleged assault occurred on or near campus or in this country or Canada; nor did it indicate that any other students were involved. This is not enough information to suggest that the University "reasonably should know about student-on-student harassment that creates a hostile environment."

Although Sasha's parents shared this information from her journal with the Columbia Daily Tribune prior to publication of the Feb. 12, 2012 article, they never – not at that time or since – brought this information to the attention of the University or otherwise asked the University to investigate."

In light of the ESPN investigation, the university turned its information over to city police, claiming that the story provided information Menu Courey's parents did not.

You can read the whole Q&A here:

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