CREVE COEUR, Mo. – Occupy Monsanto claims that 10 protesters were arrested Tuesday outside of a shareholder meeting to discuss the labeling of genetically-modified organisms.

The five colorful cars at the center of the blockage were also seized by police. Eight protesters locked themselves to the cars or stayed inside, refusing to leave until they were arrested.

An additional protester was arrested while standing and holding a sign in the median of Olive Boulevard. Another was arrested while standing on Monsanto's concrete sign while wearing a rat suit, according to a news release from Occupy Monsanto.

A spokesperson for Monsanto released the following statement:

"The 5,000 Monsanto people who live and work in St. Louis are proud to be part of the community. We are also proud of Monsanto's efforts to help improve farm productivity and food quality. While we respect each individual's right to express their point of view on these topics, we do not believe unlawful actions are an appropriate ways to further any cause. We hope that St. Louisans know Monsanto people for their role in the community and know Monsanto Company for its commitment to St. Louis."

Creve Coeur police say they made 11 arrests on municipal charges and will be required to post bond.

Nobody was injured.

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