ST. LOUIS (KSDK)- It's both the biggest football game and the biggest television event of the year.

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Everybody watches the Superbowl. Well, not everybody.

"it's overrated. It's overrated, "claimed a lady in Clayton.

At kickoff time, there wasn't exactly a long line outside the Esquire theater but some people did prefer a screenplay to, well a screen play.

"It's not in St. Louis. It makes a big difference, " said one movie goer.

The three most-watched TV broadcasts in US history are Super Bowls -- with each game amassing over 100 million U.S. viewers.

Yet while the clock was ticking down at MetLife stadium on Sunday night, it was also ticking down for St. Louis' 250th birthday party. So for some the game was not on the agenda.

"Because we have a deadline to get all these cakes done by the 10th, "said a local artist.

Local artists are decorating some 250 fiberglass cakes to be placed in strategic spots all over the St. Louis area and birthday weekend begins a week from Friday. And to them that's bigger than any football game.

"Because St. Louis is taking on a new project that has never been done to this capacity," the artist said. "And I get to be a part of it and anything else that is not part of it in my world, is sub-par"

So the next time you think the Superbowl is watched by everybody and his uncle, just remember his uncle AND his aunt may actually be going to the movies

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