ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - People living in a local apartment complex were left out in the cold. It happened after their homes were suddenly condemned.

Cell phone video shows a bad combination, water and electricity. The video shows water pouring out of the light figure in Marishiah Creswell's hallway at the Hillcrest Apartments.

"I felt like it was scene on the Titanic the way like water was gushing in everywhere," said Creswell. "Water was leaking, pouring into my apartment for 12 hours. We didn't have electricity, I didn't have water and I also didn't have any heat."

Creswell says calls she and her neighbors made to maintenance and management went unanswered. The next morning, more trouble.

"A building inspector came and evacuated, said that I was forced to evacuate because the building had been deemed condemned," she said.

Creswell had no place to go and says management was no help.

"Said you'll just have to find somewhere to stay because the buildings are being worked on and until then you are on your own," she recalled.

That's when she contacted Five On Your Side. We called Baumann Property, the company that manages the apartments -- a quick "no comment," then the employee hung up. Our e-mails also went unanswered.

Susan Alverson with Legal Services of Eastern Missouri says renters who find themselves in Creswell's predicament should pull out their leases, determine the landlord's responsibilities and their own. Then put the apartment on notice – in writing.

Document as much as they can, specifically, chronologically what occurred, how many times they've tried to contact the landlord, take photographs," Alverson said.

That's exactly what Creswell did. And while management never called Five On Your Side back, a representative did call her.

"The property manager stated that she would be able to find me a temporary unit to stay in since my building was condemned," said Creswell. "I definitely have Five On Your Side to thank for all you guys' help and support."

NewsChannel 5 finally spoke with an attorney for Hillcrest Apartments. He says the water destroyed three apartments and damaged several others.

Other tenants were also offered temporary places to stay in the complex.

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