CNN – Pulled over for drunk driving? There's an app for that.

It was created by an Iowa law firm. If you see red and blue lights in your rear-view, perhaps the aptly named "Oh Crap App" can help.

It's supposed to tell people what they can and can't do when being pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving.

Attorney Bob Rehkemper, one of the app's creators, says it lists basic legal rights, has a blood alcohol calculator and emergency "oh crap" button for when the person is being stopped.

Hit it and get advice like "the less you say the better," "be polite" and "lawyer up."

In addition, when you hit the "oh crap" button, it turns on your phones voice recorder and record any conversation you have with an officer, sending the audio file to a secure server.

The Linn County Sheriff has concerns about the app.

He says during traffic stops, using the program could put approaching officers on edge, seeing as they might mistake a phone for a weapon.

Sheriff Gardner also worried the app could be used for the wrong reasons.

Creators estimate the app has been downloaded 4,000 times this year.

They say they don't want people drinking and driving, but they hope they'll use the app to stay informed in difficult situations.

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